The Ardent Witness

by Danielle Maisano

Award-Winning Finalist in the 2019 International Book Awards Fiction Category

“Reminiscent of Graham Greene and Barbara Kingsolver, The Ardent Witness digs into one young woman’s story as a way to examine some deep and troubling questions of our time. It’s a coming of age story for a post-global world.” 

- Catherine Davidson, author of The Orchard and The Priest Fainted ( a New York Times Notable Book of the Year)

“Danielle Maisano's impressive novel demonstrates an assured feel for time and place. Indeed, the sections set in Togo, with their keen attention to detail and energetic use of dialogue, reminded me strikingly, at times, of Bruce Chatwin's non-fictional accounts of life in remote rural communities.”

- Adam Feinstein, acclaimed author of Pablo Neruda: A Passion  for Life.

“Maisano’s most graceful writing is in her protagonist’s interior conversations, where Lily navigates what she experiences in Togo as chaos and loss of meaning on a Dostoevskian scale.”

-Judith Amanthis , author of Dirt Clean

“A worthy debut novel.”

Gail Aldwin, author of The String Games